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The Castle –

This is an old castle that has been fixed in some places, at first the Druids that own the property were thinking to use it as a hotel, before the island became a safe haven for all.  Now this luxurious 500 room castle is used as apartments.


Village –

800 villagers those who do not have small shops or go to the school work on the surrounding farm lands.  It’s a simple life but they’re happy about a good honest day’s work.


School –

The school goes from preschool to senior year of high school.  Students are only in classes in the mornings, making it a six day school week.  The afternoons are spent either in clubs, or doing your own thing.


Forest –

There’s a small sacred grove on the island which goes between the castle and the moors.  The center of this is holy land to the Druids, whom hold ceremonies here, the grounds are open to the public and it’s usually a place for young lovers to escape to for a few hours of ‘alone' time.


Farms –

Most of the land on the island wasn’t cultivated until it became a safe haven.  They’re able to produce food for around 1500 people comfortably, this includes sheep and a small herd of cattle, as well as poultry.  There is also a small fish market where local fishermen sell their catch of the day. 


Moors –

This bit of land is unused for the most part.  Wild heather and sage grows rampant and a thin mist of fog owns the land in the early morning.  Wild rabbits and birds frequent the area but other than hiking and occasionally being used for camping this land’s left alone.  


These are naturally occurring under the castle.  They're set up as a 'bomb shelter' in case of an attack.  There are passages that lead to the ocean but there are no submersible vehicles for transportation away from the island.  They are mapped out and there are several ways to get into the main areas so you don't have to worry about getting lost in them.


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